Providing you with the latest skills using methods from
solution focused, cognitive behavioral and narrative
therapy.  Turning problems into solutions.
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This is a type of treatment used for anxiety or trauma
related issues.
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The Joy Academy
Finally the class we wish we had in school!  Devote 8 weeks
and 24 hours of class time to the topic of happiness.  Still not
sure?? Come to one of our FREE sessions The Blissful Bite!
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Think hypnosis to tackle those bad habits such as smoking,
shedding pounds, nail biting and much more.  We also offer
regression by a certified hypnotherapist.
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This is an ancient form of healing from Japan.  It is healing
through energy work.  This will be preformed by a trained
Reiki level II.
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      Looking for our cash therapy rates?
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Hypnosis With Gretchen
90 Minute Session $120.00
Non Smoker For Life Package $360.00
Shedding Pounds
    Package 1:  $360.00
    Package 2:  $500.00
    Package 3:  $640.00
    Package 4:  $1000.00
    Group Reinforcement $80.00 per session
Regression 90 min session:  $300.00 per session

Hypnosis With Lee
60 Minute Session $105
Group Hypnosis Session $ 65

Audio Therapy
Relaxation CD:  $25.00 each
Hypnosis CD:  $25.00 each

Reiki With Gretchen
One Hour Session $70.00
Distance Reiki:  $70.00
       and Rates