What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a process where you allow your mind to have selective
focus.  During hypnosis you are using the power of your mind to move
your life in a positive direction.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  This
means that you allow yourself to go into a trance as deep as you are
comfortable.  Light trance where you have awareness of what is
occurring in the room is still very effective at achieving your desired

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to rest so the subconscious mind
can clearly hear your desires.  During hypnosis the hypnotherapist is
to speak directly to the subconscious where negative beliefs and habits
are stored.  The hypnotist is then able to give the subconscious mind
the suggestions that you desire.  Be assured that you will not do
anything under hypnosis that is against your will.  For hypnosis to
be effective you have to have the desire to resolve the issue and apply
the suggestions.  For example, if you want to be a non-smoker for life
you must be ready to quit or it will not work.  

Hypnotherapy is a serious type of treatment.  Many of the things that
people have seen on stage or on television about hypnosis do not
represent actual therapeutic hypnosis.   Hypnotherapy is not for
entertainment.  Hypnotherapists are held to high standards.  We are
committed to treating each client with respect while aiding them
through a challenge in their life.  

How can hypnosis help me?
Hypnosis can be used for a large variety of ailments and issues.  If there
is something that you are interested in and you do not see it here feel
free to call or email with your inquiry.  All individual sessions will be
tailored to your needs.  Here is a list of a few common uses of hypnosis
(this is not a comprehensive list):
·        Smoking Cessation
·        Confidence
·        Motivation
·        Weight Loss
·        Insomnia
·        Phobias/fears
·        Public Speaking
·        Stress
·        Grinding teeth
·        And much more!

Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes!  You have probably been in hypnosis more frequently than you are
aware.  Have you ever been driving and arrived at your destination and
"zoned out" and not remember the drive there?  You had “highway
hypnosis” which is one type of trance.  You were in control and able to
brake or “snap out of it” at any time.  The same is true for hypnosis in
the office.  For example, you would be able to break trance feeling
perfectly fine and exit the building if an alarm sounded.

Is one session enough?
The live sessions are very powerful but for lasting effect reinforcement
is suggested.  You will receive a reinforcement CD (included in the price
of the session) to listen to after leaving the office.  The more you listen
to the CD the more powerful the suggestions become.  This can be an
important part of your lasting success!  

Rates, Packages and CDs

Single sessions
Hypnosis standard rate any topic: $120.00 per session
The first session will be able 90 minutes long.
If other sessions are required for reinforcement allow an hour per

Group shedding pounds reinforcement rate: $80.00 per session
Group hypnosis means that you will be hypnotized with others being
treated for the same issue.

Hypnosis is not covered by insurance and will require payment on the
first session

                             Hypnosis Packages
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                                     Shedding Pounds

                                    Non-Smoker For Life!

                               Regression Hypnosis
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