Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

This tool uses eye movement to stimulate the two
hemispheres of the brain.  This enables the participant to
release trauma or emotion that appears to be trapped by a
highly charged emotional event.  It is a rapid therapy that
enables the client to release the emotional “soundtrack” and
heal.  Thus, enabling them to have positive beliefs about
themselves when thinking of the event.  This is typically used
with anxiety disorders.  It is especially helpful for survivors of
sexual abuse because there is very little talking.  The client has
complete control and is able to stop the processing at any
time.  Clients with issues of unresolved grief, history of abuse,
trauma, accidents, and phobias have been able to benefit from
this treatment.  The military uses EMDR as a first line
treatment for those with post traumatic stress disorder.  
Although it is used for trauma, it can be used for any event the
client deems disturbing such as harsh words from a parent
that are unresolved.  To read more about EMDR at the EMDR
institute (EMDR.com)
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If you are a current client who is interested in EMDR please
read the client handbook.

EMDR Client Handbook