Welcome To The New You!

The Therapy Place is now located in Monroe NC to offer you
the best counseling services close to home, work and school.  
We provide individual, couples and family therapy, hypnosis,
Reiki and happiness coaching.  Treating children and adults!

Congratulations on making the decision to  better your life!  
Exploring the idea of therapy is the first step toward health,
balance and emotional freedom.

We Have Moved!
Gretchen Laporta LCSW and Lee Hasty LCSW welcome you to
their beautiful new space!  Beginning
May 1, 2015 The
Therapy Place will be located at 1501 N. Charlotte Ave. Monroe
NC 28110.  The phone numbers will remain unchanged.  Please
make note the mailing and physical addresses are different.

Awaken Your Happiness
The Joy Academy is a new program offered through The
Therapy Place where you can discover the secrets to happiness.  
Gretchen Laporta LCSW became a certified happiness coach
from the renown author of Be Happy, Robert Holden PhD (as
seen on Oprah)!  Her skills from years of therapy practice
combined with Dr. Holden's teachings creates a comprehensive
approach with proven techniques for sustained happiness!  For
more details visit

Is Group Hypnosis for you?
Lee Hasty LCSW is facilitating weight loss and smoking
cessation groups.  Both groups are ongoing join the group at
 Click here to learn more about this economical way to
benefit from hypnosis!  

Cost Savings....
We have and continue to partner with many employee
assistance programs (EAP.)  These programs allow you to see a
therapist free of charge for several sessions and are usually
offered to employees and their families through their employee
benefits package.  Ask your human resources department if
you have this valuable benefit!  
Physical Address:
1501 North Charlotte Ave
Monroe NC 28110

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5011
Monroe NC 28111

Phone: 704-283-2900
Fax: 704-283-2977
The Therapy Place